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Our Books for a Buck list is basically the BIGGEST catalogue in the world, and the EASIEST one to order from. The listings only take up one page, actually only ONE sentence:

Our 300 000 BOOKS FOR A BUCK inventory includes 80 percent of all comics published between 1982-1996 (there are also a bunch of earlier ones) in Fine or better (many uncirculated VF-NM).

To order, just list what you want, count em up and send payment of one dollar a book. Nothing could be simpler. For domestic shipping add $4.00 plus 5 cents per book for overseas shipping add $5.00 and 8 cents per book, and we are ready to fly.

There are a few provisos and recommendations:

1) All orders must be prepaid or accompanied by charge card (see payment options below). If something is unavailable, we do NOT issue credit slips. FULL REFUND for unavailable items accompanies all orders. If paying by charge card, you will be charged for what is sent. If paying by paypal, we will credit you by paypal promptly.

2) Fullfillment rate is usually 40-80. Orders that focus entirely on break outs and key books will usually come in at lower percentages; the inventory is 80 complete, but keys and breakouts get hammered. On the other hand, most major titles are comprehensively represented. In either case, just list what you want with abandon. Whatever we have in the Books for a Buck inventory is $1.00 and it is constantly being restocked.

2) SPECIAL SAVE-SAVE-US-A-WALK DISCOUNT: If ordering more than 20 books of a single title, take a 10 percent discount on the books from that title.

3) Alternates are recommended. Also keep in mind, that you can send us a humongous list but cap the order. For example, if there are 500 books you want, but you only want to spend $50.00 plus shipping on this go round, you send us the entire list - prioritize it if you like - and tell us to send you 50 of the books.

4) Have a Big List? Limited funds? Will be happy to work out a deposit arrangement.

5) Orders must be by e mail, fax (718-768-8918) or by snail mail. No phone orders unless you are ordering large blocks of the same title. Staff has been getting writer's cramp writing down long lists.

6) We are wholesalers: 5000 books and up, customized and prepackaged lots are available for 35-75 cents/book section.

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